Hazardous Waste

We are experts in the collection and safe disposal of all types of hazardous waste.

Speak to our experienced team today to ensure that any hazardous waste produced by your company is handled properly and disposed of correctly.

We typically collect packaged waste in our modern fleet of vehicles. From our transit sized vans up to arctic lorries, we have a solution to meet the needs of your company. We also have national tanker coverage for bulk liquids.

As part of our hazardous waste management service we assist our companies to ensure they meet their statutory obligations for managing waste produced at their site - We can give advice on safe storage of waste and are able to provide a full range of UN approved containers and other storage equipment.

You can find information on your responsibilities as a producer of hazardous waste on the Government’s website

Oil & oil contaminated waste

Oil covered cloths

We offer tanker collections for large amounts of waste oil or oil/water mixes. Alternatively, we can collect oil and oil contaminated waste stored in drums or IBC’s on our vans and wagons.

We also collect almost any oil-contaminated absorbents including:

  • Rags and tissues
  • Granules and spill kits
  • Contaminated PPE
  • Other absorbent products
  • Empty containers with oil residues

We work with a wide range of businesses in a variety of sectors to collect their oil-contaminated rags and absorbents and can offer set collections or an ad-hoc service across the UK. Our digital consignment system will provide you with the correct Environment Agency paperwork for each collection.

Wherever possible we divert waste from landfill. Oil contaminated rags and absorbents that we collect are pre-treated and either sent to a waste-to-energy facility, where they are used as a fuel, or if suitable the waste laundered and returned into rags for ongoing use.


Test tubes of chemicals

We are experts in hassle-free chemical waste collection, recycling and recovery solutions.

We work with our customers to ensure that the right solution is found and offer:

  • A nationwide collection and disposal service
  • A modern fleet of vehicles with a fast response time
  • ADR qualified drivers to ensure your waste is handled and transported safely
  • State of the art digital paperwork ensuring that you comply with current legislation
  • Cost effective solutions for managing, safely storing and disposing of all chemical waste.

We are able to identify and package waste where necessary, and offer a chemist service, including laboratory testing where it is required.

Contact us to speak to our experts for advice or for a no obligation quote.

Lab waste & chemist service

Bottles of chemicals

We provide a safe & compliant solution for businesses, schools, colleges and universities to safely dispose of laboratory waste.

We have technical expertise and can advise on the relevant compliance and regulatory issues. Our chemists can visit your site and provide a fully integrated identification, collection and treatment service.

For a specialist service that offers peace of mind with safe and compliant hazardous and chemical waste treatment.

Contact our specialists today to discuss lab waste regardless of the quantities, we can offer a solution that will meet your needs.


Used spray paint cans

We can provide a collection and safe disposal service for any amount of waste aerosols.

Aerosols are classified as a hazardous waste and should be disposed of correctly.

We can offer a range of containers for the safe storage of aerosols and can collect on a schedule or alternatively on an ad-hoc basis to meet your businesses needs.

Aerosols that we are collect are recycled, dangerous gases are captured in the de-gassing process and the tinplated steel or aluminium that they are made from is shredded and reused. This is inline with our policy of ensuring that all waste we collect is diverted from landfill where possible.

Solvents, paints & adhesives

Barrels and containers of paints

We operate a nationwide network of licenced collection vehicles and dispose of waste at various waste transfer stations and treatment facilities across the UK.

From small vans up to artic lorries and tankers have the right option whether you are looking to dispose of small amounts waste paint, solvents or adhesives in tins, drums or IBC’s; or require a bulk tanker collection of larger quantities.

We provide flexible paint waste disposal solutions as part of a regular packaged collection or as an ad-hoc service for one off clearances or infrequent producers. Our vehicles are permitted to carry mixed packaged hazardous waste material alongside your paint waste collection and we can provide a full range of UN approved containers for the safe storage and transportation of your waste.

Fire extinguishers

Range of various fire extinguishers

We collect and dispose all types of fire extinguishers for recycling including Water, Dry Powder, Foam, Carbon Dioxide, Halon, and AFFF.

Cylinders are discharged in a controlled way, and all components collect for full recycling.

We offer nationwide collections and offer industry leading prices on safe disposal of all types of extinguishers.

Contact our team today for current prices and details of the service we can offer.

Gas cylinders

Row of empty gas cylinders

We provide a full service for collection, repatriation and recycling of all gas bottles, fire extinguishers and aerosols from civic amenity sites, waste transfer stations, council depots, metal recycling yards and skip companies.

Our vehicles can any quantities of gas cylinders across the UK. We are committed to reduce the impact on the environment and guarantee no containers will go to landfill.

Pressurised containers we can collect and dispose of include:

  • Aerosol cans
  • Air bottles
  • Balloon gas bottles
  • Beer kegs
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Hazardous gas cylinders
  • High pressure gas bottles
  • LPG bottles
  • Non-hazardous gas cylinders
  • Non-return gas cylinders
  • Pub gas cylinders
  • Refrigerant canisters
  • Soda stream bottles

Contact our team today to arrange to have your cylinders collected and responsibly disposed of.

Contaminated containers

Empty plastic containers

We can assist with the storage, safe collection and disposal of used or empty containers with hazardous residues, which should not be disposed of with general waste.

Typical items that we collect include:

  • Empty oil containers
  • Empty containers with residues of raw products
  • Baled plastic packaging including tote bags
  • Contaminated waste from laboratories
  • Empty Winchester bottles with hazardous residues

It is illegal to dispose of packaging containing hazardous substances as general waste, they require washings before you can process the materials, in some cases the packaging will require incineration.

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