Whatever your requirements we can tailor an innovative and cost-effective solution to your waste management needs - whatever your business. However, if you'd like to know more about the specific sectors we have focused in on as experts, please see below.

Sectors which many of our key customers fall into include:

Oil refinery


Much of our work is to collect hazardous waste produced during a manufacturing process. We offer scheduled collections to large manufacturers to give you peace of mind that your premises will be cleared of all hazardous waste at an interval to suite the needs of your business.

For smaller manufacturers we can offer ad-hoc collections to ensure that the waste is removed in the most cost-effective way that helps to manage your budget.

School classroom


We collect a variety of specialist waste produced by schools, colleges and universities including WEEE waste and waste produced in the laboratories.

We also offer a solution for waste produced at student accommodation premises.

Modern company offices

Facilities Management

We work on behalf of many facilities management companies to ensure that they can offer a full range of service to their clients. We offer a designated account manager to ensure that you can achieve the level of service that is so important to your customers - please contact us to discuss we what we can bring to your business.

Looking up at two skyscrapers


Offices are large producers of WEEE waste including batteries, IT equipment and fluorescent tubes, we can put in place the best solutions for storage of this waste and offer a weekly nationwide collection from office buildings of all sizes.

Mechanic working in garage

Automotive Industry

Our customers include a large amount of garages including some of the most prestigious garage groups in the UK. We also collect from hundreds of independent garages across the country. Typical wastes that we collect include waste oil, oil contaminants, aerosols, thinners and antifreeze.

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